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Want to be part of the Headrush team?
We have one vacancy for a Senior Stylist, so if you enjoy great rewards with considerable freedom and think you have what it takes to become part of our fantastic team of people, read-on...!

In mid-2010, we radically revised our screening policies to ensure that we only work with the very best people.

The salon itself is merely bricks & mortar; What transforms it into Headrush is a team of people who share our values in professionalism, customer service, and an unwavering determination to be the absolute best.

We owe it to our clients and other team members to be ruthlessly intolerant of anything that deviates from our core values or challenges the team spirit, and the best way that we can support that is by very selective recruitment.

To join us, you need to follow these steps:
- Phone Mandy, the salon manager
- Submit your CV,
- Attend an interview,
- Undergo practical tests on models,
- Work with us for a whole day in the salon,
- Provide referees whom we can telephone.

Once you are part of our team, you will enjoy a fantastic time. You will have lots of scope to be yourself, and to have fun while you work. You'll have plenty of freedom, and won't have anyone breathing down your neck. You will receive continuous training to improve your skills. And of course, you will be well rewarded for your efforts.

All employees:
Attitude is everything in a team that works well. You will need to have a naturally happy and co-operative disposition, and no matter what role you are applying for, you will want to help all of your colleagues with anything. You do not believe that junior jobs are just for juniors. You get along with everyone you meet, clients and colleagues alike. If you are leaving your current city salon because this is not the case, you will not be joining Headrush.

You will have a desire to become the very best, and you know that to get there, you have to work hard and constantly learn from others. It is entirely your choice how fast you progress. We will give you every opportunity to stretch yourself, but we won't be cracking the whip to motivate you. You will find that what you put in is more than matched by what you get out. Help stylists as much as you can, and they will help you to learn. And the faster you learn, the faster you will progress. Remember, Patrick Cameron's biggest inspiration was the salon manager whom he first trained with:  http://www.patrick-cameron.com/biography.html

You will have a natural flair for some or all aspects of hairdressing, and all you need to become a senior stylist is more years experience under your belt. You are not happy to sit still, and are determined to be the best in your industry. You are constantly learning from every source, and you greet any opportunity for further training with enthusiasm.

Senior stylists
By now, you have been on the floor in a highly reputable salon for a minimum of 5 years, and you know all the tricks of the trade. You are completely comfortable in a consultation role, being able to give several solutions to any situation. You also acknowledge that you never know everything, and there is always more to learn: styles, trends, techniques are constantly changing. You are happy to give something back by supporting your less experienced colleagues, giving them the benefit of your experience to progress their learning.