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   Feature: Things you may not know about colouring hair...
Colouring hair is a great pick-me-up because it offers an instant change to your look.
Most people choose a hair colour that they like, but it does not always suit them.
Every hair type needs special handling when it comes to colouring to prevent premature fading and to maintain top condition.
The colour shown on the box of a home-kit may not be the colour you end-up with because your natural hair colour and condition directly affect the final result.
Colour behaves differently on different hair textures. We know that curly hair, for example, is more porous on the ends and will absorb more colour, so we allow for this at the salon.
You cannot 'try before you buy' with a home colour kit. At Headrush, we'll give you a hair-strand colour test as a free service.
Home kits are difficult to apply evenly to your own head. We have corrected many instances where people have missed patches at the back of their head.
Colouring at home is a messy business and takes a lot of cleaning-up afterwards.
If you use a home hair colour kit all over your hair each time, you will end-up with an uneven colour tone and very dry-ends.
If you over-process your hair with a kit, your hair will become very brittle and may snap. A salon will not be able to correct this until the damaged hair has grown out.
Your head is warm, so peroxide will react much faster at your roots than at the ends. We carefully adjust for this at the salon, but you won't be able to with a home kit.
If you have very dark hair and want to go very light, your hair is likely to go orange with a home-hair kit.
Colouring hair is a great way to add volume to thin hair.
A hairdressing apprenticeship takes 5 years, and the colour training is the hardest part.
It is essential to have a skin-test before applying colour if you have sensitive skin. We do this as a free service at the Headrush.
A home colouring kit is just a box of strong chemicals that you apply to your hair with no training...
If you have a bad experience with a home colour kit, it will cost you three times as much to have it corrected as it would have done to have it coloured at a salon in the first place.
Professional hair salon colours are much better than DIY colours, but they can only be used by trained professionals.
If you apply a colour kit to hair that has been treated with henna, the chemicals can react with the compounds found in some henna products and may turn your hair green
At the salon, we carefully watch your colour as it develops. We have everything we need at our fingertips to be able to make subtle adjustments during the process. With a home kit, you simply do not have those options, so the result will never be in the same league.
Finally, don't be embarrassed if you have had a bad experience at home and are reluctant to own-up! We've seen it all before and we are here to help you look your absolute best.